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WEST WING - Brothers in Arms

WHAT does a selected scene from WEST WING have to do with personal development, you ask? Everything...Nothing...it depends on how you look at it.

From one point of view, its just a "very nice piece of acting" and that's it....or is it? The experience of merely watching something as well done as this particular scene causes one to pause and reflect. Take a moment, see the clip and immerse yourself in the photography, THE MUSIC, the acting, the writing, THE WEATHER its all so...so... STUNNING. It makes the hair on your neck stand up. It makes your skin trickle ( yes... I mean "trickle", you'll get it when you view said piece). It makes your limbs weak. Your heart flutter. Your eyes water. Your stomach feel empty and full at the same time. Stuff this powerful belongs on anyone's " DO NOT MISS, WOW ! " list . And BABB advocates a life of the "more WOWs, the better".

Man, I was SUCH a big fan of WEST WING!

Here's another reason why this scene is relevant to personal development; consider many of the main characters. In the roles they play in the entire series they either are or in process of becoming the BEST BOSSES of their own lives. So... good role models for BABB.

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West Wing - Brothers in Arms