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ATTENTION FOODIES, CHEFS, GOURMETS..... Do you know just how much you have in common with Personal Development (PD) Coaches? Well, I'll tell ya.....You both like to "cook". You both take a bunch of ingredients, mix 'em up and produce something delectable. Either for the tummy (hey all you chef's out there!) or for the mind (that's you PD Coach!) Mental cravings...that's what we PD Coaches satisfy. We make CUPCAKES for the MIND. Please....go to our "labels" list below and read (or watch) a few posts



THE DAILY CARROT PRINCIPLE :365 Ways to Enhance your Career &Life
by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton (Free Press, April 2010)

These fabulous guys have written a number of great books. Here's a sample: "The Invisible Employee", "A Carrot A Day", "The 24-Carrot Manager". Please read them all and visit their website: http://carrots.com

Do note my favourite pick of their books ( as hard as it is to pick one!) "The Daily Carrot Principle, 365 Ways to Enhance Your Career & Life". In fact,I like this book so much that it is the focus and textbook of a BE A BETTER BOSS STUDY GROUP ( learn more @ http://www.BABetterBoss.com/section /blue plate special).
See the benefits to you when you study and apply the great information from Gostick and Elton.
Studying all the great books, listening to the fabulous speakers out there......All part of your study while on the journey to BE A BETTER BOSS (BABB) of everything.......everything in YOUR LIFE.

Now watch Chester Elton in this well done video below. To find the you tube link on this blog, scroll down from this post that you are currently reading. On the right, below, look for the section called "LABELS". Then click on the label " Elton/ Gostick you tube". Its a good one!

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